Teleseminar Series

Our Journey before The Journey

Part I


A  teleseminar series is included as part of the Inaugural Visioning Summit Package.


This  Journey before The Journey immerses pilgrims into the depths of the multi-dimensional energy of the sacred sites of Glastonbury and Cornwall. We travel within a field of unified consciousness to the sacred sites and transfer the incredible energetic field of these spaces at the non-local level.


Within these potent meditations we anchor our energetic field to the sacred sites prior to visiting in person and in return receive the innate flow of high frequency energy streaming through these portals of light at this incredible time on Earth. 


The sacred sites in Britain are of immense power, innate activation and incredible peace. Mirroring and providing a reflection of this energy within us at the core of our eternal essence. We share the same electro-magnetic field which is amplified within, surrounds and saturates these sacred places.

Chalice Well Gardens



An inspirational, playful journey into this beautiful sacred healing 

space: connect with the high frequency energetic matrix of the gardens, the elemental kingdom, the Divine Goddess and the Sacred union within the simple but powerful geometry of the Vesica Pisces 

Into the White Spring and Sacred Waters of Avalon: The Sacred Feminine

A journey into the Divine Feminine womb space as we have the opportunity to clear and realign our emotional energy and enter into the void of creation: for re-birthing, setting intention and establishing connection with our true nature and the birthing of Christ Consciousness.

Avebury, Stonehenge and Arbor Low



Journey into the Grand Trine ley lines that connect these sacred sites as One. Connecting with the Sacred Masculine within activation at Stonehenge, the primarily feminine site of Avebury and into the triality energetic of Arbor Low.  We come to these ancient sacred sites with the deeper purpose of transcending duality.

Glastonbury Tor and the Archangelic Realm

We journey into the energy matrix of Wearyhill, at the base of the Tor where Joseph of Arimathea arrived with Jesus after his resurrection. We take the spiral journey to the top of the Tor, the journey to ascension. We are then able within the sacred chapel on the top of the Tor to connect with the energies of Archangeal Michael, the Archangelic realm and the Star portal of multi-dimensional consciousness.​