Sacred Travel Initiative leads seekers to legendary places of peace and power to assist in the awakening and 


transformation of human consciousness.

Places of peace and power have the undeniable capacity to catalyze personal and collective transformation. Invariably, 

touched by grace, we are,  individually and collectively expanded when we return home, never the same.

Alfredo Joseph Rosado, Founder of Sacred Travel Initiative knows this from 18 + years of experience leading pilgrimages to

The Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK, the heart chakra of our earth.

Sacred sites expand and deepen qualities of compassion, wisdom, peace of mind. The land awakens us to our higher self, 

each other and our sacred earth. All qualities necessary for the human species in this time of transformation.  Never has it 

been more important to open ourselves to this important work, take on our personal growth and move into service for the

future of humanity.






















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