Daily Itinerary

Cornwall Extension


As we enter the Cornwall phase of our Pilgrimage, the itinerary and timetable becomes more flexible,


adapting to your needs and wishes, and to local conditions.


Thursday, April 9th, 2015


We depart Chalice Well and Peace Gardens, with thanks and gratitude, for the many gifts it’s bestowed upon us


How many of you have ever dreamt of visiting a castle? Now, you cannot only visit a castle, but sleep in one for


four nights, with panoramic views of the Atlantic and the Tintagel ruins, the birthplace of King Arthur!

We climb aboard the “Magic Bus” and head off to the Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall, and King Arthur country.

The Camelot Castle Hotel is a wonderful charming and mystical hotel, sitting proudly in Tintagel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Tintagel Castle Ruins, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur.  The stunning Camelot Castle offers rooms with magnificent panoramic views over the rugged Cornish coastline from Hartland Point in the North, to Trevose Head in the South. It embraces us with an intimate place to rest and share for the duration of our time together. Every day offers a fresh opportunity to venture into the surrounding countryside and fully immerse ourselves in a new discovery. Cornwall, with its unsurpassed scenery, natural beauty, peace and tranquility, makes for a truly an unforgettable, mystical experience! 


Enroute to Cornwall and The Camelot Castel, we make a stop at Bishops Lydeard, and get on board a classic 


steam engine train for an hour ride through the spectacular Devon countryside which takes us into the stunning


Village of Dunster, listed in the Doomsbay Book of 1068. Dunster is a lovely medieval town with a castle,


medieval watermill, the whole shebang!


On our jouney from Dunster to Tintagel we pass many interesting places; depending on time and wishes of our


Pilgrims we can make brief stops. From Dunster we travel past Porelock Wier, and take the toll road to Culbone,


with it’s tiny hermitage. We then cross Exmoor to stop in at Tar Steps which is a Neolithic Bridge across a river


in a delightful forest, with a lovely pub nearby where we can have some refreshments.


After Tar Steps we head to Clovelley, which is a lovely ancient village sea port. From there onwards, the road hugs


the Atlantic coast all the way to Tintagel!

Upon arriving, we will first settle into our rooms, and acclimate to the mystical surroundings of this spectacular place.  By this time , you will all be more than ready for an unforgettable experience, of “Cornish Cream Tea” (A delicious treat of fresh made hearty scones, Cornish clotted cream, and Jam)! And let’s not forget a great “cuppa” of tea.


6:00 PM            We gather in our own private “Sanctuary Room” for the opening Ceremony of Purification, and                                            

                              aligning of group energies – setting intentions, followed by a brief meditation.


7:00                    Supper will be served in the majestic “Irina’s Restaurant” overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and the                                      

                             Tintagel Castle Ruins!


8:30                    We all gather outside the Camelot Castle (Weather Permitting) for a group discussion or


                             free time to take in the majestic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the Tintagel Castle Ruins, just




Friday, April 10th, 2015


7:00 AM                   Morning Meditation


7:30                           Breakfast


9:00                           Off we go to visit the Tintagel Castle Ruins, The Birthplace of King Arthur


11:30                         King Arthurs Great Hall


12:30 PM                 Grab a bite, I suggest you try one of the great “Cornish Pasties”


1:30                           St. Nectan’s Glen, home of Faeyre.


                                     St. Nectan's Glen with it's majestic waterfall is listed as one of the ten most spiritual places


                                    in the country. The hermitage sanctuary is amazing and was built next to the top of the 


                                    waterfall in around 500 AD by St. Nectan who settled there.  The water is believed to have


                                    many healing properties and a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility seems to flow around 


                                    this magical place.


4:00                           Afternoon Meditation at St. Nectan's Glen


                                    Note: Tintagel and St. Nectan's Glen are enough for one day. They are very powerful places


                                    It will be good to allow time in them.


7:00                           Supper


8:30                           Free Time



Saturday, April 11th, 2015


7:00 AM                  Morning Meditation


7:30                          Breakfast


9:00                          St Michaels Mount, Penzance and The Eden Project


                                   On the Magic Bus and off to St. Michael's Mount. It is pretty special as there is the house castle


                                   and the gardens, and the causeway to it, and the whole bay of Penzance is beautiful.


                                   This is where the St. Michael Ley Line starts, so a good bit of dowsing to explore this might


                                   be fun. We spend most of the day here.


                                   After the visit to St Michael's Mount  we visit a modern Pilgrimage Place – the Eden


                                   Project. The Spirituality of this New Age is about honoring and protecting the earth – and this is


                                   and this is the purpose of the Eden Project. Based in a recycled clay quarry, the Eden Project is a 


                                   series of massive domes that serve to preserve and protect the flora of the planet. Plants that 


                                   have been collected from around the world and housed in eco-zones based on climate. The aim is


                                   to preserve species and promote a message about the important relationship between people


                                   and nature. In this place, Joseph will give us a short talk on his rain forest water project.


4:00                         Afternoon Meditation at The Eden Project


7:00                          Supper


8:30                          Group Discussion - Qualities of Conscious Leadership



Sunday, April 12th, 2015


7:00 AM                  Morning Meditation


7:30                          Breakfast


9:00                          Off to Land's End!


                                   A chance to explore Land's End, the rugged and windswept end of Britain, and look out over


                                   thousands of miles of Ocean - and realize that the next stop is New England and the New World.


                                  There are many interesting places packed into this narrow peninsula, so much so that we feel it 


                                  is best to simply list some of them, so that by now seasoned Pilgrims can choose the places 


                                  that they wish to visit. Land's End itself in July and August experiences the "high season" for 


                                  tourists and holiday makers. However, only a mile or two away, one can experience the 


                                  windswept solitude and soul of this "thin place" - feeling as if one is balancing on the end


                                 of the world. 


                                  Merry Maidens Stone Circle


                                  The "Merry Maidens" is the most perfect ancient stone circle to be found anywgere, with it's


                                  19 stones; it was called locally in Cornish, "Stone Dance". Legend has it, like the Tippet Stone


                                  Circle, the stones represent Maidens who were turned to stone for dancing on the Sabbath.


                                  Built around 2200 BC, it is similar to the other 19 stone circle at St. Buryan, but unlike the 


                                  Merry Maidens it was built for offerings and at it's centre has a leaning pillar.


                                  Boscawen-un Stone Circle


                                  Tregeseal Stone Circle


                                  Men-An-Tol Monument


                                  Men-An-Tol is situated about 4 miles northwest of Penzance just off a minor road that runs


                                  between Madron and Morvah. It was nominated in the BBC's survey of Spirit of Place with 


                                  the following comment: "The mystery that surrounds the site is palpable and tranquility of


                                  area in general is profound".  Holed stones like Men-An-Tol in general have often been seen


                                  as objects with special powers, commonly of healing. Some were used to finalize contracts,


                                  a handshake through the hole in the stone was seen as being binding.


                                  Sennen Beach


                                  The rocks and beach at Sennen in west Cornwall. Cornwall's spectacular coastline featured


                                  heavily in the voting for the Spirit of Place. Sennen in west Cornwall was nominated with the 


                                  following memory:  "I sat on a rock in this tiny cove in that magic hour before breakfast - 


                                  before I would be going back to the B & B farmhouse to the smell of bacon and coffee - and 


                                  heard the sea, knowing that it held an awesome hidden power."


                                 Porthcurno Beach & Minack Theatre


                              Crashing waves at Porthcurno beach. The Minack Theatre and beach at Porthcurno


                                 "One is on the edge of the world. There is the land, the sea, the beach, the flora and fauna,


                                 the shape of the bay is haunting and from the steps of the Minack Theatre looking down


                                 is an awe inspiring feeling. Also walking along the beach is a thought provoking feeling.


                                The place sings to me. I feel close to God, nature and feel life is worth living in this calming




                                 Carn Brea


                             Carn Brea (near St. Just) is situated on the most westerly hill in the country and 


                       is another special place and if you visit on midsummer’s day you will see that


                                 they still light the beacon just as they have for hundreds of years.  It was first


                                 used in the Bronze Age and later a hermitage and chapel were built on the site.

                                 It has amazing views over the sea and built high on the cliffs you can only sit in


                                 wonder as you take in all this special place has to offer.


                                 Carn Euny


                                 Carn Euny A with its fogou is an ancient Iron Age village and it is amazing to see such


                                 a well preserved site in such a stunning location. Actually walking through the underground


                                 chamber is a deeply spiritual experience.




                                 Alsia  has been used for centuries by young women seeking divination. It was also frequented


                                 by pilgrims around the nineteenth century on the first three Wednesday's in May when they 


                                 would use the water for it's curative properties.


6:45                       Pre-Supper Meditation


7:00                       Supper Party! to celebrate completion of this phase of the new YOU, the new WE! T


9:00                       Insights Reflected - Closing Ceremony


10:00                     Tuck In


Monday, April 13th, 2015


7:00  AM               Morning Meditation


7:30                        Breakfast                        


9:30                        Depart Cornwall  – To Heathrow Airport