Teleseminar Series

Our Journey before The Journey

Part II




A  teleseminar series is included as part of the Tour Package. Each bi-weekly call of the series contains two parts. Part One is a guided meditation and Part Two is educational.


The guided meditation is a journey before the journey and immerses pilgrims into the depths of the multi-dimensional energy of the sacred sites of Glastonbury and Cornwall. We travel within a field of unified consciousness to the sacred sites and transfer the incredible energetic field of these spaces at the non-local level.


Within these potent meditations we anchor our energetic field to the sacred sites prior to visiting in person and in return receive the innate flow of high frequency energy streaming through these portals of light at this incredible time on Earth. 


The sacred sites in Britain are of immense power, innate activation and incredible peace. Mirroring and providing a reflection of this energy within us at the core of our eternal essence. We share the same electro-magnetic field which is amplified within,. This field also surrounds and saturates these sacred places.


Tintagel and the Royal Line of Avalon

Within this Sacred Journey we connect with the sacred ground of Tintagel, the Royal Line of Avalon and Christed Consciousness through King Arthur and Guinevere, and a reclamation of individual sovereignty.

The Abbey and the Lady Chapel

The journey into the Heart of Christed Ascension through the Holy Thorn, The Grail, The Lady Chapel and the powerful presence of The Abbey. 

Deeper into The Chalice Well

Physical Activation: Unifying the inner Masculine/Feminine Frequencies within the body through the chakra system. The merging of Ida and Pingala (male and female streams of energy within the central column through the spine) and connecting the Earth Portal below your feet to the Crown, and Soul Star Chakra (6 inches above the crown). Activating dormant DNA and deep cellular awakening with the body. 

The Phoenix of Glastonbury
Opening to our Expanded / Exalted Self

An alchemical journey through the energy of the Phoenix into Transcendence and Unity Consciousness; going into the chakras on the land, the landscape zodiac keys (known as the Glastonbury Star Temple) ley lines and divine cosmic flames.


A journey into unity consciousness, the Light of the ONE through the sacred multidimensional cosmic flames.