Daily Itinerary

The Chalice Well 

Friday July 11th, 2014        


Our transformational journey begins . . . .


At Heathrow Airport, Friday, July 11, 2014, at 9:30 AM

our group unites for the first time. Your guides and “gatekeepers” will greet you and escort you to the “Magic Bus” and off we go to the first of many sacred and magical sites:


Avebury Stone Circle

ninety miles west of London, is the largest known prehistoric stone ring in the world.

We’ll revitalize our energies as we walk around the energy-rich stones of this spiritual center surrounding the village of Avebury


Lunch will be at the Red Lion Pub in the center of the stones, rumored one of the most haunted pubs in England.


After lunch, with our senses buzzing with energy from the ancient stones, we’ll continue on to:

Glastonbury, the ancient “Isle of Avalon”, a small but unique town filled with rich traditions, myths, and legends, will be our “home base” for the next eight days of exploring. As a Mecca for pilgrimage for thousands of spiritual seekers, Glastonbury has several sacred sites of its own, for us to fully experience, including the Chalice Well, the Glastonbury Tor and the Glastonbury Abbey Ruins. The Chalice Well and Gardens is a holy sanctuary of beauty and peace at the heart of our sacred journey. Many experience inspiration and healing in this mystical setting. Located directly in the gardens is the Little St. Michael’s Retreat House. Little St. Michaels is a private place of quiet and solitude. It embraces us with an intimate place to rest and befriend ourselves and to explore the uniqueness of your life’s journey.


3:00 PM         First, we will settle in and acclimate to the mystical surroundings of this place of peace and power,

4:30                 Brief silent meditation in the “Upper Room.”  See description of "Upper Room"

5:00                 After our meditation, we will gather in the garden for the Opening Ceremony of Purification 

6:00                 Dinner is served! A delicious, organic, and hearty meal awaits us.


8:00                 After supper you will have free time, or optional guided meditation, and soon after, you may want to                             hit the comfy bed that awaits you.


                          Evening Meditation in the Main Living Room - Deepening to Essential Self 



Saturday, July 12th, 2014


7 AM              Silent Morning Meditation in The Upper Room

8:00                Breakfast

9:00                Orientation –  AJ Rosado

10:30             Climb the Glastonbury Tor

The Michael and Mary ley lines are especially powerful. But it’s only on the Tor that their energies combine. In a harmonious dance of earth patterns, the lines move ever closer as they approach the summit. At the top, they merge and unite. They connect major sacred sites throughout the South West and beyond. Perhaps this is what makes it easy for so many other kinds of opposites to harmoniously come together on the Tor.


Sacred Circle  on the Tor (90 min)

Affirm Life Purpose and Set Intention in this amazing place of peace and power!


Note: If the weather is not cooperating, we will head back to the retreat house meeting room.


1:00 PM        Light Lunch


2:00                Grab your Journal, walk the sacred garden and connect with The Chalice Well and Gardens

                         on your own 


3:00                Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine Workshop -  AJ Rosado


5:00                Silent Afternoon Meditation in the Upper Room


6:00                Supper


7:30                Full Moon Celebration at The Chalice Well, in the Garden 


Note:              4:00 AM departure for Stonehenge (Special Access into the Stones)



Sunday, July 13th , 2014


4 AM              Departure to Stonehenge

6:15               Special access into Stonehenge


feel the vibration of the ancient stones as the Sun rises, witness the balance of the masculine and feminine, with the Sun and the Moon visible at the same time. A time to connect, remember and activate .                             



7:30               We board the “Magic Bus” and off we go for a short drive to the medieval city of Salisbury. The awe inspiring sight of the Cathedral rising up from the water meadows has been described as "Britain's best view". Here we stop and have breakfast. After breakfast we visit the spectacular Salisbury Cathedral. 


Please note: This is Crop Circle season! If the opportunity arises, we will stop and enter the Crop Circle. If we know of crop circles in the area beforehand, we will stop and eat breakfast in a nearby restaurant, and then venture out to visit Crop Circles.


                                    Guided Meditation - Visions of a New World Revealed 


5:30                           Silent Afternoon Meditation in the Upper Room


6:00                           Supper


7:30                           Sacred Circle - Profound Resonance - Joining Essence and Genius


9:00                           Free time – Enjoy private access to The Well and The Gardens!



Monday, July 14th


7 AM                          Silent Morning Meditation in The Upper Room

7:30                           Visit with The Well and The Peace Garden or Tai Chi in the Garden


8:00                            Breakfast


9:30                            Visit the Glastonbury Abbey Ruins


Note: There are number of quiet open spaces where we could have a talk, meditation, prayer, etc. without disturbing other visitors.


                                      Guided Meditation with Nina Patrick  -  Journey into Christed Ascension 


                                      Sacred Visioning Circle - A Christed Unified Humanity 


1 PM                            Free time - to have lunch, visit the quaint and mystical shops on the high street, and visit other                                         places of interest.


3:00                             We visit the Archangel Michael Healing Center for a sound healing by the world                                                                         known Lui Krieg, who is also the proprietor of the well known StoneAge Crystal Shop

                                      A real healing treat, that’s not to be missed.


5:00                             Back to Little St. Michael’s for afternoon meditation (Upper Room) 


6:00                             Supper                                    


7:00                             After supper you will have free time, or guided meditation, and soon after, you may                                                                 want to hit the comfy bed that awaits you.


                                      Evening Meditation  at The Chalice Well - Into The Well 


Tuesday,  July 15th, 2014


7 AM              Silent Morning Meditation in The Upper Room


7: 30              Visit with The Well and The Peace Garden, Journal or Tai Chi in the Garden


8:00               Breakfast


9:00               Day trip to the City of Bath

                        This flourishing and vibrant city, boasts some of the finest Roman remains in Europe, and superb                                   Georgian architecture. People from all over the world enjoyed the special properties of this unique                                   resource for healing, relaxation and leisure. Can you imagine, every day over a million liters of hot                                     mineral rich water rise from three springs in the heart of Bath. We will follow our experienced guide to                           many of the special sites throughout Bath.


2 PM               Garfunkle’s for “High Tea” (Brace your-self for a treat!)


4:00                 After an inspiring and enjoyable day, we head home to our sanctuary


6:30                 Light Supper


8:00                 Free time – Enjoy private access to The Well and The Gardens!


                          Evening Meditation at The Chalice Well - Deeper into The Well (15 min)


Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


7 AM                           Silent Morning Meditation in The Upper Room


7:30                            Visit with The Well and The Peace Garden or Tai Chi in The Garden                                    


8:00                            Breakfast


9:00                            We venture off to the City of Wells

                                      visit the most beautiful of the great English Cathedrals! Wells Cathedral is a living community                                          of  prayer and hospitality. Here we can enjoy the wonderful display of medieval statues on the                                            West Front, the graceful scissor arches, the humorous carvings on the pillars, and the deep                                                colors of the stained glass.


9:30                           Arrive in Wells where you will find the Tuesday Market in full swing. The market is held in the city                                       square, right next to the Wells Cathedral. Here you can find anything from antiques to beautiful                                     jewelry, organic local cheeses and fruits and vegetables, to books, clothing and much more.


11:30                        You are on your own for lunch today. There’s a wide variety of quaint cafes and pubs, along with                                     some very nice restaurants. The Cathedral has a very nice cafeteria as well


1 PM                          We all meet at the entrance to the Cathedral, and proceed to enter the Cathedral. We can stay                                        together as a group, so I can guide you to some of the more obscure places of this vast sacred                                          architecture. 


2:00                            Visit Bishops Palace. Quiet reflection, in this space hallowed by the prayer of centuries, pause                                            for a moment and give  thanks for the gift of life.

                                     Sacred Visioning Circle - A Practice, Deep Peace and Quiet Revelation                     


3:00                           Special access to the Cathedral Roof Tower. See all the levels, the Tor, etc.

                                    A simply amazing vista!


4:00                           After an inspiring and enjoyable full day, we head home to our sanctuary.


5:30                           Silent Afternoon Meditation  in the Upper Room


6:30                           Supper


8:00                           King Arthur’s Court for a candle-lighting at the waterfall                                                                         


Thursday, July 17th, 2014


7 AM              Silent Morning Meditation in The Upper Room


7:30               Visit with The Well and The Peace Garden, Journal or Tai Chi in the Garden


8:00               Breakfast


9:00               Sacred Visioning Circle - Anchoring the Vision


11:00            Free Time

                        You may want to do a number of things:    

                        Climb the Glastonbury Tor

                        Spend time in the Chalice Well and Gardens

                        Hit High Street for some last minute shopping


5 PM               Silent Afternoon Meditation  in the Upper Room


6:00                Supper Banquet (Wine / Champagne Included)


7:30                Sacred Circle - Celebration! Chalice Dance!


9:00                Free time – Enjoy private access to The Well and The Gardens!


Please make sure to make time for packing your bags!


Friday, July 18 th,  2014


7 AM              Silent Morning Meditation in The Upper Room


7:30                Visit The Chalice Well as a group to receive blessings and share insights – Moving Forward 


8:30                Breakfast


9:30                Prepare to leave the retreat house by 10 AM


At this point, some will continue on to our Cornwall extension (4 days), and others will continue on back home. This offering will be posted shortly


For those who can make the time,  we highly suggest the 4 day Cornwall extension!!!


Off to Cornwall!