Beginning October 1, 2015


Teleconference Series Replays Available to Booked Participants


Please join our teleconference series "Places of Peace and Power" as we journey to the Sacred British Isles and preview our July, 2016 pilgrimage, an extraordinary journey!


This teleconference series will connect you to sacred sites before your arrival through guided meditation and prepare you for the journey with tips and guidelines. In addition, it will provide you with a list of resources to assist you on this pilgrimage to which you were called.


Open to all seeking information related to pilgrimage and our upcoming journey.


We will answer any questions you may have. Private consultation is also available.


Beginning October, 2015 

(thru June, 2016)


Exclusively for those who have booked the July, 2016 journey. The session in October, 2015 will be the first of nine extraordinary preparatory teleconferences.



July, 2016 Pilgrims



to The Chalice Well
Glastonbury, United Kingdom 
Ancient Sacred Sites of the British Isles
For Those Who Hear the Call
Light Upon Your Path:
Where Heaven Meets Earth
Pilgrimage:                       July 29th through August 5th,  2016
Cornwall Extension        August 5th through August 8th, 2016                                 


This pilgrimage is extraordinary, so much more than a standard tour that may offer adventure. This journey fulfills your call to connect

with and be changed by the deep magic and mystery of the land. If you feel drawn to join us, you are meant to be there. The time is now. 




"My gratitude is beyond words for this beautiful experience“  

July, 2014 ~ Dinamah


"You can go on the web site and see the itinerary but what we experienced 

was 300% north of what was written in that itinerary. I'm still beyond words.

July, 2014 ~ Bob


"Eleven days on heaven and earth!" 

July, 2014 ~ Noel 


"It was the most spectacular journey ever! 

 July, 2014 ~ Darlis


"We dreamed the most awesome, amazing dream together" 

July, 2014  ~ Noel