A Journey to

The Chalice Well

Message from A. Joseph Rosado

  "Elemental cathedral to earthly forces"


As former Guardian of The Chalice Well I would like to introduce you to the sanctity of this ancient sacred site, and the importance of this visit to you.


Prepare to experience the garden and what it has to offer. It is important to get "switched on" and if you are "switched on" you will recognize what a powerful and peaceful place The Chalice Well can be. 

Listen to your heart and let the sacred water wash your heart and clarify it's understanding. The truth of creation lies within every drop and
it's influence is beyond man's understanding. There is an opportunity to open this Pandora's box of positive energy for all who are ready to receive it. Go forward in this knowledge and travel on the crest of the water's edge as it is released to the world.


Your visit to The Chalice Well and Gardens allows you the time and space to reflect and visit the boundaries of your own mind and spirit.


Find a place where you can relax and be in touch with the supporting energy.  Close your mind of distractions then set off on a journey to the self. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your thoughts. Try not to judge the ideas or feelings that come up for you. You will benefit from simply witnessing the thoughts as they move through your consciousness. The more you spend time listening to yourself, the more aware you become.


When you explore your thoughts you increase self awareness and imbue  your life with deeper meaning. The mind is full of ideas, images and wisdom.  If you spend time with your thoughts you allows yourself to connect more deeply into your own unique identity. When you simply visit your thoughts, you give yourself an honest view of what you want, what you believe, and what ideas may be most pressing to you at this time. The more time you spend excavating your thoughts, the better acquainted you will  become with yourself.


Be alone at The Chalice Well and Gardens so that you can delve into the world of your thoughts, and you will hear yourself more clearly.


Alfredo Joseph Rosado

Former Guardian of The Chalice Well