Message to Alumni 

Welcome to Eternal Pilgrimage!


Dear Eternal Pilgrim,

In the months following your journey, you will come to appreciate the sacred bond of family created during our journey through the Sacred British Isles. Somewhere in between silent meditation, gathering around the well, eating around the table,  laughing and crying, hiking the Tor, singing, and dancing we fell in love with each other!


In the years to come when you have a joyful moment to celebrate or a challenge to share you may witness yourself find your way back to this sacred family. You may even find yourself back at these sacred sites returning to or extending this family!


As Sacred Travel Initiative alumni you are now part of a larger family as well. Stay connected to fellow pilgrims, continue to connect to the land and share your experience with others.


We offer the following benefits to alumni;


  • An open invitation to join all future teleconference calls (open and closed, with guided attunement and meditation)

  • Alumni reunion calls 

  • Special offers for future journeys with Milagro World Center and Sacred Travel Initiative.


Open yourself to the beauty of family, the power of cosmic grace.


Let it touch and teach you.


After all, we're all just walking each other home.


In love and gratitude,


Alfredo Joseph Rosado / Nina Louise Patrick