Your Gate Keepers

Alfredo Joseph Rosado
Facilitator and Teacher, The Assignment
Founder, Milagro World Center
Founder, Sacred Travel Initiative
Founder and Director, Holistic Hospitality Group
Former Guardian, The Chalice Well 


Currently residing in Panama, Central America, Joseph is former Guardian of the Chalice Well and Peace Gardens in Glastonbury, England with a rich background in mythological and metaphysical studies.  A social and culinary entrepeneur at heart, he has owned and managed a variety of businesses including sustainably minded organic eateries and a sacred travel company, Real Journeys.  Joseph is Founder and Director of Holistic Hospitality Group.



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Nina Louise Patrick
Facilitator and Teacher, Conscious Evolution
Founder, Milagro World Center 
Founder, Sacred Travel Initiative
Former Co-President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Formative Steward, GOOD of the WHOLE
Founder, Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland

Retired from Fortune 1000 Corporate America, Nina is in service to a higher calling with conscious community and  evolutionaries around the world; the realization of humanities potential for the highest good of all life.


As part of this higher calling Nina connects and celebrates individuals and organizations contributing to the highest good of all life.  She feels it is time to make clearly visible the vast movement for positive change arising everywhere. She is seeding a global conversation and shared cultural practice for humanity Keepers of the Turn.


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Michael Keogh
Facilitator and Teacher, Philosophy, Non-Violent Communications, Mindfulness
Facilitator, Sacred Travel Initiative
Mike describes himself as a full-time teacher, part-time wordsmith, occasional philosopher, and Buddhist beginner. He realised he was a Buddhist in 1979, and took ordination in 1987, which, curiously was the same year that he qualified as a teacher.
His first degree was in Philosophy, which he still describes as his first love. Over the years Mike has taught in wide variety of schools and colleges at all ages (from eight to adult) and across the ability range, including Special Needs and children on the Autistic spectrum. In all he has taught thirteen different subjects! Currently he is teaching in a behavioural unit for children with “challenging” behaviours!
Along the way Mike has also set up and worked in a number of worker cooperatives, and for three years co-ran a database development company for the “village” of the City of London.
Mike is a trainer in Non-Violent Communication (NVC), and also makes a practice of Philosophy for Children (P4C) and Mindfulness based education.
Darlis Mayes, MS, CAP, ICADC, BRI 11
Facilitator and Teacher, Conscious Evolution
Facilitator, Sacred Travel Initiative
Certified Akashic Record Teacher, Consultant and Coach
Co-Owner,  Intervention Experts
Certified Healer, Advanced Complementary Energy Therapy,
13 Octave Lahochi, Fa Chi Level Three Chi Gong
Oneness Deeksha

Rev. Darlis Mayes  has been accessing the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in the Akashic Realm for the last 10 years.Darlis is co-owner of the Intervention Experts for the last 7 years.  Assisting individuals, and their families struggling with the disease of addiction and other mental health issues.

Darlis has studied Aromatherapy since 1998, under Dr. Gary Young and is trained and certified in Rain Drop Therapy. Darlis also studied Aromatherapy at the American College of Healthcare Studies.


Darlis lived in Central America for nearly 2 years studying with Mayan Healers learning the use of their plants and different healing modalities.


Darlis became an activated Lily in 2009 ( Facilitated a group of Lily’s To Mt. Shasta in 2012, for additional learning and healing.  Darlis provides a Core Life Healing to her clients, upon request.


Darlis has recently studied with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, who is a universal Shaman.  She was introduced to a dream Shaman Susan Morgan and began learning lucid dreaming.  She works with David Millers World Wide Group of forty who conducts several weekly meditations helping mother earth with her accession, and working on planetary healing in whatever way is needed.

Darlis is a dowser, and is part of a world-wide dowsing consortium that meet’s bi-weekly to aid in healing the planet at this time. The Consortium’s ongoing goals are to share knowledge, and support each other regarding any new techniques and information coming forth at this time.

Trained under Deb Peterson (“The Merkaba Lady”) studying Angelic Merkaba’s sacred Geometry, and ascension activations.


Sacred Journey’s include; Africa, England, Egypt