Frequently Answered Questions

What is a Visioning Summit?


It is a gathering of emerging evolutionary leaders inspired to form community, commune with the sacred energies of The Chalice Well and Gardens, and to experience deep, profound levels of essence and resonance.  We will engage in deep discussion, vision and action.


The Chalice Well beckons you to bask in the solace and peace of The Gardens, sink into the wisdom of the sacred earth, and listen deeply for a Shared, Sacred Vision to inspire the World, a Vision to catapult us forward into the fullest expression of what we can be individually and collectively for the future of humanity.

This Inaugural Visioning Summit is limited to 15 individuals and it is our hope that it will represent emerging leaders from many of individual movements led by great Visionaries such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neal Donald Walsh, Jean Houston, Andrew Harvey and others.  Even if you are just yearning to be a leader, if you feel drawn to this retreat, you are meant to be there. Join us!

We will be expertly guided by Alfredo Joseph Rosado, Nina Patrick and Michael Keogh.


Do you recommend a specific Airline?


No, we do not recommend a specific airline but we do recommend to compare airlines and available airfare rates. 


You can request daily or weekly price alerts specific to your departure city, date of departure/ date of return, time of day, non-stop or otherwise, and more.Kayak will check several airline carriers at one time and they also chart price trending over time.




Note: Airfare is not included in the package price.

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