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"My gratitude is beyond words for this beautiful experience“  July, 2014 ~ Dinamah


"Eleven days July, 2014 ~ Noelon heaven and earth!" 


"You can go on the web site and see the itinerary but what we experienced was 200-300% north of what was written in that itinerary. I'm still beyond words." July, 2014 ~ Bob


"It was an amazing life event for me." July, 2014 Bob 


"It was the most spectacular journey ever! I still get emotional when I talk about it."  July, 2014 ~ Darlis


"We dreamed the most awesome, amazing dream together" July, 2014 ~ Noel


"The universe called us to be together and the work it put before us was accomplished in lightness and love.  

So much laughter, so much fun, and so much in the moment. It  unfolded as it was meant to be every day" July, 2014 ~ Darlis


"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This Pilgrimage is a life changer!" July, 2014 ~ Linda


"Something is happening. It's big, it's wonderful, it's joyful! Whatever was said about your DNA shifting, it's happening and it's not stopping!" July, 2014 ~ Linda


"An absolute surprise in every moment! surprise and delight! "July, 2014 ~ Linda


Everything was magical about this trip and it became more magical everywhere we went! July, 2014 ~ Linda


I feel so transformed and it has not notched down. It seems to grow and expand! July, 2014 ~ Dinamah


This was the highlight of my life! I am so grateful. July, 2014 ~ Thalia 


"It certainly has been a huge life changer. Thank you. I don't know how one can express this depth of gratitude." July, 2014 ~ Dinamah


Words don't really convey the incredible journey that we shared. Yet, I will endeavor to express.

You know that expansive feeling you experience when toning "Om" from the heart in partnership with spirit and a conscious community in a beautifully resonate space? That is what I experienced with Nina, Joseph and fellow Pilgrims in Glastonbury during Holy Week, 2015. Each day was an expression of curious wonder, It was a coming home and I am so very grateful for the emergent radiance that I am still experiencing from our shared journey. April, 2015 - Erin


"The experience was for me totally unexpected, truly a highlight of my life.”


“I am experiencing the world in a different way, releasing all that doesn't serve my highest potential" 


“I left so deeply connected to everyone I shared the week with, what a gift!" 





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"Come be inspired by the great symphony of synchronicities and sacred stories that illuminated our time together and literally changed our lives. With great gratitude to Nina J Patrick and Joseph F Rosado for your divine leadership and opening us all to our Galactic Selves!!"


Co-Creators Convergence

Noel and Bob Marshall-Warner

Co-Creators Convergence 






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