What is the Quest?

To Seek The Grail


What is the Grail?

It has many forms


How can I seek the Unknown?

By following the path which reveals itself to you


Where does the path begin?

Here, at your doorstep


How do I know I am on the path?

That which you seek will guide you


If I accomplish my quest, then what?

You will return and create a garden


What if the grail is not in physical form?

You will awaken the hearts of those around you


Will you come with me?

You will travel alone but the Keeper of the Grail will be with you


Is the quest easy?

Yes, but the path is long and requires mastery


Will I accomplish this task?

All who go forth upon the quest achieve their true desire (aim) but not all have the wisdom to know this


Can you give me something to help me along the quest?

I shall give you my blessing


How will I know when to set forth on the path? When will I know this is mine to do?

 When the sun or the moon or the stars direct you


What should I bring with me?

Your courage, love, dedication


Will I have companions on my journey?

The quest is always a lonely journey but you will not tread it alone. The Knights of the Light will be your companions


How shall I bring back what I find?

In your heart or your soul you will hear it


What shall I tell those I meet?

That you seek the key to Paradise that all people may return there


And if they mock me? scorn or shun me?

Their laughter will bear you up, their sadness spur you on


In what place is the Grail hidden?

In the maze at the heart of the Castle


Where does the Castle stand?

In the forest of forgetting


How shall I recognize the Castle?

By the voice of the ever running river


How shall I cross such a river?

On the boat of your dreams


What is the key to the maze?

The song in your heart


How shall I enter the Castle?

The Gate Keeper shall direct you


What shall I pay him?

With your memories of the outer world


How then shall I return?

By the path of moonbeams and forgotten dreams


Can you speak to me more plainly?

I can not explain that which is not of our world


It is my will to take up the quest, will you give me your blessing?

Gladly - Blessed are they who walk the darkness and seek the Light Blessed are they who set out upon the ever evolving endless quest.