Rules, Rules and more rules! Merlin said distastefully, to Arthur. Theirs is a simple life of black and white--do or do not--reward or punishment. And yet...the real problem, is that the Universe is far more complex than any one single set of man-made rules can encompass.


The Merlin archetype energy balances both the feminine and masculine energy principles, by more fully integrating the feminine principle that has been largely forgotten by most. It is about going back to the womb of wisdom and cave of creation, deep within. If one decides to re-member all parts of the whole, our natural state of being, magic becomes the rule rather than the exception

To Close Our Evening With Merlin


Can you hear it?
the atmosphere is alive
with everything

with love and hate
war and peace
the past, the present, the future

the geometry of the universe
is vibrating
a universal language


we are the receivers
the tuning forks
tune in
tune up

you are breathing it in
in every moment
breathe with the awareness
that you are a cosmic transformer
of love


the atmosphere is filled
with angels
I saw one before my eyes

as we evolve
and become aware
of more
aware of the sounds of the universe
and all that lies just beyond

what we ever thought possible
to see, to hear, to know
we foster in a new way of being
a new world

it is here

the atmosphere is filled
with angels
and love is vibrating
louder and louder
can you hear it?


Gail Swanson